Prestige United Title Insurance Agency offers free continuing education courses for Realtors. Below is a list of topics for real estate approved classes. For more information, contact Lynn: 757.353.1413,

Legal Descriptions and Surveys

2 hours Real Estate Related

  • Descriptions: Metes and Bound, Plat Reference, Subdivision Plat, Surrounding Owner, Tax Map Reference Number
  • Surveys: Building Restriction Lines, Easements, Encroachments, Fences, Cemeteries, Railroads, Roads, Sidewalks, Bodies of Water
  • Illustration – Descriptions and examples

What is Title Insurance?

1 hour CE Related Subjects

The intent of this course is to broaden the level of understanding related to the origin, necessity and application of a title insurance policy. The title insurance policy was created as a form of future protection for consumers from events that occurred in the past as related to real estate. They types of policies are covered as well.

Deed Warranties Tenancies and Decedents Estate

1 hour Real Estate Related

  • Deed warranties: General Warranty, Special Warranty, Quit Claim
  • Tenancies: Tenancy in Common, Joint Tenancy with the Right of Survivorship, Tenants by the Entirety with the Right of Survivorship
  • Decedents’ Estates: Testate death, Intestate estate

Mortgage Fraud

1 hour CE Related Subjects

The purpose for this course is to provide real estate agents with awareness of the background, investigative methods and current trends in mortgage fraud. This course will also cover the criminality of mortgage fraud under current law and will delve into the current state of the nation with regard to the impact of mortgage fraud.

Foreclosure Liens and Bankruptcy

1 hour CE Related Subjects

  • Foreclosure under a Deed of Trust
  • Foreclosure Process
  • Liens
  • Bankruptcy Issues

The Pre-Foreclosure Sale

1 hour Real Estate Related

  • Pre-foreclosure or “Short” Sale: What is a short sale? Why a rise in short sales? Why would lender accept less than full pay off? Advantages/disadvantages? What borrower qualifies? How to tell if the sale will be short. Short sale process defined.
  • Alternative to a pre-foreclosure sale: Repayment plan, forbearance, loan modification, loan assumption, foreclosure, deed in lieu, land sale, lease purchase.

Decedent’s Estates and Transfers of Death Deeds

1 hour CE Related Subjects

  • Determining if the land is part of the decedent’s estates and the different ways property is held that affects the transfer.
  • Insuring transfer of the title to the land.
  • Concerns regarding estates.

The New Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure Explained

2 hours CE Related Subjects

This course will cover the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and how it directly is involved in our industry related to settlement changes beginning August 2015. The new loan estimate and closing disclosure forms will be discussed in detail as well as the time tables that will be implemented with the changes to the settlement process.

Introduction to Title Insurance

1 hour CE Related Subjects

The purpose of this course is to show what title insurance is, what records it relies on how it works, what’s involved in a claim and its benefits to owners and lenders.